February 2015

Singing with The Thunderbirds
Theater for the New City

New York, NY

November 2017

Back at it - such a good time! 

Post-gig with friends at Le Grenier on H Street in Washington D.C. - French set covers/original: Jacques Dutronc, Serge Gainsbourg, Edith Piaf, Michel Fugain, etc. Many thanks to Andrew McCallum for sitting in on Mandolin and Bass!

May 2017

Memorial Day set at Mercury. Pretty uneventful, to be honest. No sloppy groupies at this show, unfortunately. But, always happy to play the spot. It's one of my fav. small venues in the world. And... def one of the best sounding - 

December 4, 2015

French tribute , "Je t'aime, Paris," in honor of lives lost in Paris bombing.

Rob Mastrianni and Vin Scialla join.

Caffe Vivaldi, New York, NY

February 2014

Map Room residency
Bowery Electric, NYC

June 2013

NXNE Music and Art Festival
at Czehoski with Olivier Paré-Labrosse
Toronto, ONT

July 2015

Showcase in France at the "Pop-In," 
Rue Amelot, Paris, FR


August 2016

"Where the Wild Things Are".
​NYC reunion gig at Anyway Café. Esteban Reichberg on drums, Amit Savyon on Bass, Rob Mastrianni on guitars/electric sitar. Microphone engineering by Esteban! 

January 2017

Solo show at Mercury Lounge. Opening for Maybe The Welders, The Dye, and Grease Biratella

July 2014

French set for Bastille Day

"Ma Petite Shoe"

Baltimore, MD

September 2016

WNYU interview with Rachel A. G. Gilman. MONDO NYC Festival 2016 feature. 

Sept - Oct 2017

Writer's retreat these days!​ Also, some nice Spotify playlists and more reviews from YabYum, The Revue, Lost in The Manor (London, UK), Velvety (Madrid, ES), That New Jam, and Barrygruff (Dublin, IRE).

My favs:

 "...Fitted with sweet licks, addicting riffs, ballsy swagger and a stomping beat and groove, this is a sumptuous slice of retro rock ‘n roll cool. The confidence and ambition of both the arrangement and song, makes for an irresistible three-minutes of stellar songwriting and rock and roll."​
- Barrygruff - Dublin, Ireland

"Kevin McWha Steele’s new single, “Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples”, might sound like it’s coming to you straight from a Parisian cafe, but channels Serge Gainsbourg straight into Brooklyn..."
​- YabYum West - Phoenix, AZ

​"(Front Page News) I'm a huge fan of rock 'n roll and I think you do it well..."
-Lost in The Manor - London, UK

June 2012

CBGB Music Festival
With Rob Mastrianni, Vin Scialla

Bowery Electric, NYC

Aug / Sept 2016

Benefit event at Angel Orensanz Foundation to help soundproof the space and raise funds for the StummerJam. Opening for Paul Collins from "The Beat"!

July 4th, 2016

Independence Day fun @
Mercury Lounge! Great sound - crystal clear! Ray Mazza joins on drums

November 2016

The BEAT goes on! Headlining Mercury Lounge in late November 2016. Rob Mastrianni joins on guitars, electric sitar, Vin Scialla on drums. Good times!

April 2015

Playing Maury Dickson's custom made 3-String Slide guitar at Tea Lounge, Baltimore, MD 

July 13, 2015

Gig at Le Grenier on H Street mentioned in Washington Post in article, "Here's how to celebrate Bastille Day in D.C."
​"Live music from Kevin McWha Steele, who ranges from French chansons to glam rock

June 14, 2015

Northside Music Festival showcase at Pete's Candy Store in W'burg, Brooklyn. Nice set to a beautiful listening room. Dig!

Spencer Chakedis, Esteban Reichberg, Amit Savyon join

May 15, 2015

Opening night at Montauk Music Festival. Nice gig at Montauk Beach House. Beautiful grounds, nice folks. They really liked the French tunes.  

May 16, 2015

Playing Montauk Music Festival with band. 4th consecutive year for us. Here rocking at Shagwong. Cramped as ever. Love this place!

June 14, 2015

Four hours of singing with the Thunderbirds at "Drums Along the Hudson" event in Inwood Park.

Pictured here with friends
​Louis Mofsie and Rob Mastrianni


October 2014

Flyer for Seton Hill French Fair 2014 

St. Mary's Park

Baltimore, MD 

​All French Set (originals and covers)

January 2017

Single "Front Page News," off of new album, "The Nightly Howl." Recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Additional recording, mixing, mastering by flezaDoza at Brooklyn Native Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Cover art:
​"The Clamerous Owl" by Brenton Steele ©1968

January 2012

Backing vocal, 8-course Lute feature on Rueben Butchart's "Nameless and Awake: Eight Poems by John William Carroll" created in residence at Robert Wilson's "Watermill Center" 

February 2017

Solo show at Salzy in Brooklyn, NY. Billing with Wolfe Glass - 

French/English originals

May 2017

"You still play that thing?"  -Elvis Costello in the village today. He remembered when I did a lute set for he and wife, Diana Krall (and my family) at the Tea Salon on 20th and 5th Ave. back in the day -

July 20, 2015

Singing backing vox on Devyl Nelly's latest album in Hoboken, NJ


January 2018

Educational gig at Pratt Street Library in Baltimore, MD - Lute, Guitar, Charango, 3-string Slide

July 2012

Manhattan Inn Summer Series
With Lee Marvin, Patrick Tully, Ravish Momin

Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY

June 2017

Sofar Sounds Microshow at WMA in Greenpoint Brooklyn
​in association with Northside Music Festival 2017.

Rob Mastrianni and Vin Scialla join -  

April 2017

Lunch with guitarist Gary Lucas in the west village. Discussing possible co-tour of France in honor of the 20th anniversary of Jeff Buckley's death. I'd be singing songs off of "Grace" and a couple other
​co-writes Gary did with Jeff - an honor.

July 2012

CultureFix Residency
With Lee Marvin, Patrick Tully, Ravish Momin

CultureFix, New York, NY

December 2016

Mercury Lounge Christmas Show!
Rob Mastrianni,
Pete List, The Devyl Nellys, Wolfe Glass join

Kevin McWha Steele - Guitar, Vox

Rob Mastrianni - Guitar, Electric Sitar

Vin Scialla - Drums

Photo credit: Nicole Mago


September 2016

Mercury Lounge, September 1, 2016
Kevin McWha Steele - Vox, Guitar
Esteban Reichberg - Drums
Amit Savyon - Bass
Rob Mastrianni - Guitars
Photo credit: Jay Lineberry

September 2017

Nice review from Santa Rosa Records!
"...Kevin's vocals are smooth as steel and just as the gentle strumming in "Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples" lulls one to sleep, the percussion bursts onto the stage making for an arousing work of art..."

November 7, 2012

"Rock For Light," Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit. Jesse Malin, Vernon Reid, Kyp Malone, etc.
With James Tefler, Esteban Reichberg

Bowery Electric, NYC

September 2014

Sag Harbor American Music Festival with Spencer Chakedis on lead guitar and Esteban Reichberg on drums

May 2016

Year 5, Montauk Music Festival.
Six solo gigs. My fav. was Salivar's!
Chillin' on the green here with Winston Irie

Montauk, NY

October 2016

Mercury Lounge residency continues. Esteban Reichberg joins on drums, Amit Savyon on bass. 

June 2016

Make Music New York Festival 2016
First year. Three gigs. Fav. was here at Malt and Mold on the LES. NYC poet Puma Perl and musician Cynthia Ross came to check it out. Very cool!

August 2015

Sitting in with Amar Sundy at Le Q-G
Rue Oberkampf, Paris, FR


June 2015

Solo Pianos Residency

Pianos, LES, NYC

May 2014

Year 3, Montauk Music Festival.
La Maisonette, Sag Harbor

Photo credit: Christopher Charveriat

February 2017

45th Birthday Show at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2. With:

Neel Murgai - Sitar

Vin Scialla - Drums (Kit, Urdu, Daf)

 Katie Down - Crystal Bowls, Drum, Flutes

Rob Mastrianni - Guitar, Electric Sitar

Louis Mofsie and The Thunderbirds (not pictured here) - Drum

September 2011

Full Sail recording residency

Orlando, FL

March 2011

Jeff Buckley Tribute, curated by
Gary Lucas and Road Recovery
With flezaDoza, Andrew Potenza

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

September 2015

Gigging at famed "Au Café de Paris,"
old Edith Piaf (among others!) haunt
Paris, FR

October 2011

Caffe Vivaldi
With Rob Mastrianni, Vin Scialla

Caffe Vivaldi, NYC

June 2013

NXNE Music and Art Festival pre-show with Olivier Paré-Labrosse
Toronto, ONT

October 2013

Pianos Residency

With Spencer Chakedis and
Esteban Reichberg

Lower East Side, NYC

February 2018

Awarded artist's residency at ArtKlub in New Orleans, LA. Using time to research French (Creole, Acadian, Haitian, French colonial, etc.) /English song forms and poems written 300 yrs. earlier to present for New Orleans Tricentennial celebrations happening now -

March 2017


Gig playing under an alias today in Baltimore, MD. I do this to keep my chops up and to avoid over-booking under my real name. Here at Light Street Branch in Baltimore, MD. 
​8-Course Lute (Jacob Van De Geest), Cig Box Guitars and Acoustic Guitar. 

French/English originals. Baroque covers/ originals. Great time!

February 2017

Second single release, French original "Les Choses Sont Pas Si Simples," off of new album, "The Nightly Howl." Recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Additional recording, mixing, mastering by flezaDoza at Brooklyn Native Studios, Brooklyn, NY

September 2016

Headlining Mercury Lounge with band,
​The Nightly Howl. 

Photo credit: Jay Lineberry

February 2017

With Rob Mastrianni, post Theater for the New City show with Louis Mofsie and The Thunderbirds 

September 2013

"McWha at Café Wha?" curated event

With "The Nightly Howl," Puma Pearl, Michael Hickens, etc.

Café Wha?, NYC

June 2017

Reading of recent hardcover release of  my book, "The 12 Alchemists & Other Poems" ©2017. Music accompaniment by Rob and Vin at Dixon Place in the LES. 

"I am the artful dodger

With horns and cleft feet

I whisper sin discreetly

The night's golden treat 

What time shall we meet?"

- from "Dr. Johann Georg Faust"